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The adventures of Little Bowl and the Fugly Fudge November 13, 2009

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Thanks for visiting my blog! This is the start of a crazy culinary adventure with me, aka Little Bowl [my Chinese name literally sounds like this and has made me the butt of all jokes. But who cares? :)]

Strictly speaking, the title of this post is a misnomer. I made the world’s ugliest chocolate truffles (not fudge) last night and I’m proud of them! A bit of rusticity never hurt anyone. 😛

The World's Ugliest Chocolate Truffles

This is what happens when you fall asleep while making truffles (scroll down for another pic)

Holding these fugly bites gingerly with my fingers, I thought to myself, “Oh no! I must have created tooth-breakers.” Nonetheless, these chocolate truffles are delightfully soft to the palate and melt in your mouth into instant bliss.

I made these truffles a few years ago and trust me, they weren’t this ugly. Here are some lessons I’ve learnt from making this batch of chocolate truffles:

#1 Do not fall asleep while making truffles. It was 11pm and I was about to collapse after a day’s work. So I dumped my chocolates in the freezer and went to sleep. Bad idea. The next day, the cores of the chocolates were too hard to mould into pretty little round balls. 😛

#2 Always invest in a chocolate mould. I saw these at Phoon Huat but chose to ignore them. Probably not a good idea.

#3 When the recipe calls for a handheld electric whisk, do not attempt to beat the chocolate goo into shape by hand. Having said that, it made for a really good arm workout.

#4 Always trust your own taste buds because the recipe may not ask for enough sugar (depending on the chocolate you use) or alcohol (for members of AA).

#5 Prepare a lot of ice. It will help to lower the temperature of the chocolate faster to get it to the piping consistency.

After receiving comments from friends about how sad my truffles looked, I decided to finish the rest of my batch by rolling them in walnuts. Here’s what happened:

Chocolate Truffles with Walnuts

Here's what happened when I can be bothered

Kind of hard to believe it’s the same chocolate made by the same person ey? 😛

Go on, help me give these chocolates a makeover.  Here’s the recipe: And no, I didn’t make these with Godiva chocolates. They’ll cost me a bomb.