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A baker’s dream come true April 20, 2010

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Finally, a rolling pin that helps you measure the thickness of your dough! Attach different discs on the side of the rolling pin to get your desired thickness – three options: 2mm, 6mm or 10mm.


Anyone who wants to buy me this can do so here. 😛 It’s now on sale and going for only about US $30.


3 Responses to “A baker’s dream come true”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Hi Lisa, thanks for the little write-up on the Joseph and Joseph rolling pins.

    It’s a kind of a nifty tool for one who’s into baking..

  2. Sweet! But still a little ex for just a rolling pin.. hm

  3. Yeahhhh but it’s pretty good! 😛

    I saw it recently at Borders. You may want to check it out! There was a whole range of nifty kitchen tools.

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