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Blueberry Muffins – Take 2! November 25, 2010

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My quest for the perfect blueberry muffin has led me across websites.

My first attempt was from, which is typically a really good website for recipes. Nonetheless, the yoghurt in the recipe gave the muffin a spongy “bread-like” texture and the lack of sugar and butter didn’t deliver in terms of flavour or aroma. Basically, it was like eating a “healthy” spongy blueberry scone. 😦

My second attempt turned out way better muffins. The cinnamon sugar streusel top (not shown here) was crunchy and simply divine, straight out of the oven! Even though the blueberry flavour was masked by the cinnamon, the muffins were still dense and scrumptious.

Blueberry Muffin without its Streusel Cap

The next time, I’ll use the streusel recipe with a banana muffin base. Please sign up here if you’d like to volunteer to be a guinea pig. (Disclaimer: the signing of a waiver is required.)

Here’s the recipe: