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A love affair with Japanese Cheesecake December 20, 2010

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My recent trip to Hokkaido had Nicholas and I hankering over beautifully marbled Kobe beef (200 grams for a whopping 9,800 Yen) and Japanese king crab – its legs served raw as sweet sashimi and its body cooked in a steaming hot pot (the smallest went for 12,000 Yen).
The most spectacular of them all had to be the cheesecake at LeTao.


We stumbled upon this slice of heaven at Daimaru in Sapporo. This divine stack of light vanilla sponge, cream cheese and mascarpone cheese had a rich, creamy intense flavour that was beautifully balanced with an light airiness.

These is no cheesecake quite like this. If you ever go to Hokkaido, please please please don’t forget to eat this!