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Foodie Must-Visits in Kuala Lumpur December 28, 2011

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It seems that Kuala Lumpur has become my go-to place when I need to take a break from Singapore. For the past two years, Nick and I have paid several visits to his God Sister who lives there. I must say, there’s no lack of good food, great shopping and wonderful company.


My last trip, just a few weeks ago, was no exception. With the recommendations of a local and hearsay from others, here are my two must-visits for the foodie at heart:


Restaurant Wong Poh
36 & 38 Jln BM 1/2
Bukit Mayang Mas
47301 Petaling Jaya


I had no idea where I was headed on my first trip to this place. Nicholas’ God Sister drove us far away from the tourist area in KL and to this wonderland for crabs. It seems that only locals visit this place and, it’s so popular that it’s always packed!

Restaurant Wong Poh reminds me of my dad’s restaurant – no frills, no service to shout about, just really good food.


Dish #1 – Butter Crab


Perfectly succulent crab with a creamy and buttery sauce that’s enlivened by the delightful fragrance of curry leaves…. It’s quite similar to the Seafood Paradise version except that it’s steeped in cream. The sauce is best eaten with deep fried mantous (buns).

Dish #2 – Salted Egg Yolk Crab

20111226-125937.jpgThe Salted Egg Yolk Crab in Singapore simply doesn’t come close to the Malaysian version. At Restaurant Wong Poh, the chef doesn’t stinge on salted egg yolk, so you’ll get a lovely contrast between the succulent sweet crab and savoury egg yolk.


Oversea Restaurant

84-88, Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur


I don’t like pork but I seriously love this char siew with all my heart. Nothing comes close to the glistening char siew at Oversea Restaurant in KL.

Once you get past its beautifully charred and caramelised crust, you’ll sink your teeth into juicy, fatty meat that melts in your mouth. It is nothing short of sublime.


My ex-colleague, Aaron, told me about this elusive char siew. He reached the restaurant too late and didn’t manage to try it. So, please, go early (by noon) for lunch.

Best of all, it’s not too far from town. Oversea Restaurant is located round the corner from Sungei Wang Plaza.