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West Side Story February 4, 2010

Unearthing culinary gems on the west side of Singapore

Let me bring you on a journey to the west, where running water abounds and people don’t travel by horse-drawn carriages. Jurong, specifically, is an old neighbourhood with awesome food, if you know where to look.

Having lived in the same block since 1984, I’ve grown up with the same hawkers, who still produce the same amazing food day after day. Hopefully, they’re to your liking too. 🙂

The Perfect Kueh Tu Tu

The Perfect Kueh Tu Tu

Jurong West Ave 1 – Blk 502, facing the carpark and Jurong West Street 52


This is by far the best kueh tu tu I’ve ever eaten. Wonton noodles stall by day and kueh tu tu stall by night, this stall has been my refuge from all the bitterness life has to offer. Holding a piping hot bag of these fluffy little things stuffed with sweet shredded coconut, one can instantly forget the unpleasantries of the day. It certainly is comfort in a bag.

This earnest uncle has been selling these little kuehs on pandan leaves since I can remember, and I’m quite afraid there’s no one to take over his legacy. This stall opens from about 5 – 9pm daily.


I’m still in the midst of taking pictures and filling the bowl with more west-side goodies. Hang in there! I’ll be updating this page every week. 🙂


3 Responses to “West Side Story”

  1. ewok Says:

    love it Lis! i need to get my fat fingers on that kueh tu tu!

  2. ewok Says:

    btw..its me Kamz!

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